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What you need to know about FEEDING,  A Jim Jenner Film. What you need to know about MOTIVATION of Racing Pigeons,  A Jim Jenner Film. The COMPLETE COLLECTION. Racing Methods Explained by Experts,  A Jim Jenner Film.

A selection of the best chapters on FEEDING taken from the Secrets of Champions DVD series. Features top fanciers discussing weaning, young bird mixtures as well as the critical new concepts on Omega fats and pigeon performance.

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The key chapters on MOTIVATING young and old race birds taken from the Secrets of Champions DVD series. Includes extensive discussion by top fanciers on new methods with hens as well as motivating young birds and widowhood cocks.

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Racing Methods Explained by Experts! The longest, most comprehensive series on pigeon racing ever created is now combined into a complete boxed COLLECTION. All six programs, on seven DVDs and running almost 20 hours. Absolutely the best and latest info on pigeon racing available today.

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The Queen's Wings,  A Jim Jenner Film. Secrets Of Champions VI Secrets Of Champions V
The Queen's Wings
Originally: $49.95
Our Price: $39.95
You save $10.00!
Secrets Of Champions VI
Originally: $49.95
Our Price: $39.95
You save $10.00!
Secrets Of Champions V
Originally: $69.95
Our Price: $39.95
You save $30.00!

Jim Jenner returns to his documentary roots to tell you the story of an epic national pigeon race between England's Queen and her countrymen. This important film was created with the full cooperation of the Midland’s National Flying Club, which organized the 2012 Diamond Jubilee race honoring Queen Elizabeth’s sixty-year reign. The film includes the 126-year history of the Royal racing pigeons as well as the race day performances of more a dozen of England’s most palatial and revered racing lofts. Jim was given unprecedented access to the lofts on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate and time with its new manager Peter Farrow. This intense race saw 5,000 competitors, include birds from the Royal Loft, compete over the fields of France, across the channel and into the heart of England.

Review: Our own film maker and racing pigeon enthusiast Jim Jenner is back with an exciting new film, "The Queen's Wings." This important work is fascinating in two respects. First, it is an excellent story well told by Jenner. Second, this film reveals the best representative of the racing pigeon sport, the Queen of England herself. It is a fascinating look at a race and a Royal pigeon family.

Often the best way to travel is from the comfort of your own living room. It is an excellent way to sit back and relax from your own sofa while traveling to England on a pigeon racing adventure with Jenner. The story begins with an historical overview of the Royal family's involvement with racing pigeons which began in 1886. It is the story of the Monarchy and the marathon in the sky. The film depicts Queen Elizabeth as a young girl. Not only is she the Royal Princess Elizabeth and the future Queen of England, but also a pigeon fancier's daughter. The Queen actually took an interest in pigeons at a very young age, as did many of us. This helps explain her lifelong fascination with the sport.

Next, we hear about the race itself. It is a 300-mile event from the continent, across the English Channel and back to England. It is sponsored by the Midlands National Flying Club and is dedicated to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, her 60th year on the throne. Prior to the race, Jim takes us to all points of the compass in England, where we visit many new and never before seen lofts and fanciers. We hear about the five birds that each loft intends to send to the race. There is also an interesting trip to Sandringham, to the Queen's loft, to see the five birds the Queen has entered herself.

This race is a dramatic adventure that pigeon fanciers can surely relate to. The race almost doesn't happen. When the birds are finally released, the outcome and the winner are both a big surprise.

This film is a great racing pigeon adventure that all pigeon racers will love. Indeed this film goes beyond that. It is a film that can be used to educate the public about our wonderful sport. Any person who is unfamiliar with pigeon racing and who watches "The Queen's Wings" will see the Queen of England, the beloved Monarch, the icon and the racing pigeon enthusiast. This is sure to give the viewer a long-lasting positive impression of the racing pigeon hobby. Hats off to Jenner! ~ Richard Puccini, January 12, 2013

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Secrets of Champions VI: "To Boldly Go"

In this all-new film Jim proves the central message of his award-winning "Secrets of Champions" series ... that there are many undiscovered stars in the pigeon racing universe.

Jim "boldly goes" on a search for these stars in corners of the sport where others seldom tread.

In the summer of 2011, Jim and his film crew visited Germany, French-speaking Belgium, Wales and Southern Ireland to bring you this informative and entertaining tour of famous lofts, and others that should be famous.

You'll meet Germany's famous Dr. Brockamp and the two-time South African race-winning Klass Family; Wales' amazing Derek Flowers and Dublin's incredible Gerry Omara. These are only four of the TWO DOZEN champions you'll meet on this four-hour tour.


  • The E-Z Young Bird Light System
  • Give Peas a Chance
  • Roundabout Loft Design
  • ProBiotics vs AntiBiotics
  • Polygamous Breeding Systems
  • Prepping Y.B. For Intl. Races
  • Rating Systems for Breeders
  • & Much More in 3+ Hours!

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Secrets of Champions V: Many Roads to Victory

Jim Jenner visits more than three dozen top lofts in this documentary on pigeon racing. You'll enjoy this DOUBLE-DVD set that is all new for 2011. Packed with information you will enjoy again and again. "Secrets V" features profiles of dozens of top trainers talking about feeding, motivation and other vital tools to win more races.


  • Loft visits and profiles on individual fanciers.
  • The latest thinking on fatty acids & performance.
  • Secrets to motivating Widowhood Cocks & Hens.
  • Young Bird Sickness and new tips on darkening.
  • When & how to add light to darkened young birds.
  • The "Sunrise" System of Young Bird management.
  • The "Light" System and why some use it.
  • The "Pigeon Whisperer" and bird behavior.
  • Why the eye may be key to fast homing ability.


If you've enjoyed Jim's best-selling "Secrets" series this two DVD set is essential to have in your library.

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Secrets Of Champions IV Young Bird Racing Breeding Feeding Old Bird Racing
Secrets Of Champions IV
Originally: $49.95
Our Price: $39.95
You save $10.00!
Secrets Of Champions III
Originally: $49.95
Our Price: $39.95
You save $10.00!
Secrets Of Champions II
Originally: $49.95
Our Price: $39.95
You save $10.00!
Secrets of Champions IV:
Winning Lofts:
The Inside Stories
Now In Stock!

What does it take to construct the perfect racing pigeon loft? Why do champion trainers say that excellent pigeons in a bad loft will seldom, if ever, win races? Why do pigeons from humble housing often crush excellent birds from huge palatial pigeon lofts? Those are the questions award-winning film maker Jim Jenner sets out to answer as he visits dozens of some of the most successful pigeon lofts in the world.

This is literally the inside story of how the best lofts work.
Using 3D computer animation, and hundreds of shots of construction details, Secrets of Champions IV is your guide to learning what you need to know about creating a loft that brings your birds into winning condition and holds that condition for the entire racing season.

ISBN 1888617276

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Secrets of Champions III: Young Bird Racing
What does it take to get your young pigeons to fly faster than all the others? What steps do some of the world's longest standing champions take with their birds, season after season, to win the big races? In this all-new documentary writer/director Jim Jenner gives you an inside look at the secrets of young bird racing. Filmed through the summer of 2007, Jim visits champions in the previous films and some fascinating new ones too. It's all to give you an inside look at what champion young bird trainers are doing to win in some of the toughest competition in the world. These fantastic fanciers share their ideas on feeding and conditioning. The secrets of darkening are explained in detail, as well as maintaining super health, preventing young bird sickness and race day motivation. It's a three hour journey inside the finest minds in the pigeon sport. An entertaining film that will help you be a winner with young birds too! The British Homing World says: "The Cream of the Crop! They just get better."

ISBN 188861725X

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Following his best-selling "Secrets of Champions", Jim Jenner is on the road again to help you learn more from some of the pigeon sports most consistent winners. Filmed in Belgium, Holland, Ireland and England this all-new program lets you in on what the champions say is the most important month in your year.

They talk about their breeding systems and how they select their feeds. But that is only part of what you'll learn from these experts. You'll also hear how they use natural substances to keep their birds in top shape. Plus, you'll learn how dramatically Old Bird racing is changing in the heart of the heaviest competition in the pigeon sport. So get ready to enjoy a relaxing and informative two hours with some of the smartest, most successful and down-to-earth experts in the pigeon racing game.

Featuring Dutch Champion Ad Schaerlaeckens, Irish Champions Ronnie Williamson & Gregg Brothers, English Champions Frank Tasker & Geoff Kirkland & More.

ISBN 1888617241

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Schaerlaeckens The Dark and The Light
Secrets Of Champions I
Originally: $49.95
Our Price: $39.95
You save $10.00!
Originally: $39.95
Our Price: $39.95
The Dark & The Light
Originally: $39.95
Our Price: $39.95
Winners come and go. But a handful of pigeon fanciers magically win for decades. Filmed in Holland, Belgium, Ireland, England & the USA and featuring some of the world's longest winning fanciers; Ireland's Ronnie Williamson, England's Frank Tasker & Geoff Kirkland and Holland's legendary Ad Schaerlaeckens and more.

ISBN 1888617233

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Wouldn't you love to sit down for a couple of hours with one of Europe's all-time race winners? Ad Schaerlaeckens stars in this film that is the longest, most complete interview he has ever done. He answers all of the most common questions fanciers have and explains his unique view on racing. If you love his frank and funny writing you will definitely enjoy this film.

ISBN 1888617306

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Here's the film you have been waiting for on today's biggest secret in pigeon racing. Knowing how to use darkening or the "light" method is an essential key to victory in young bird racing, and more and more in old birds too. Jim Jenner visits top European and U.S. fanciers to show you how they use this powerful, natural system.

ISBN 1888617322

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Best Of British II Fit For The Season
Best Of British II
Originally: $39.95
Our Price: $39.95
UK Price: £24.95
Share the Blue Sky
Originally: $79.95
Our Price: $39.95
You save $40.00!
Fit For The Season
Our Price: $39.95
Twenty five years after they starred in one of the all-time most popular "how-to" pigeon films ("Best of British") Geoff Kirkland & Frank Tasker are back in "Best of British II"! This fun pigeon film revisits their methods then and explains their methods now. Both of these English pigeon racing legends discuss and demonstrate what methods they have changed and what they have done to stay at the top of the pigeon racing result sheets for a quarter century!

ISBN 1888617314

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Share the Blue Sky: Stories of the Bird of Peace.

Over five hours on 3 DVD's. Award-winning Writer/Director Jim Jenner takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of the pigeons and doves.

Filmed on five continents and in 19 countries
, "Share the Blue Sky" is the longest, most comprehensive documentary ever made on mankind's oldest feathered friend.

ISBN 1888617217

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Fit For The Season
Rod Adams in conversation with Dr. Wim Peters regarding pigeon health and diseases, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

ISBN 1888617330

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World of Pigeons Keep Calm and Race Pigeons
The World of Pigeons
Our Price: $39.95
Keep Calm and Race Pigeons Poster
Originally: $9.95
Our Price: $9.95
Comprehensive collector's DVD (Over Three Hours) featuring award-winning productions "Oldest Feathered Friend" and "Marathon in the Sky". With all-new bonus footage, photo gallery, "the making of" and breathtaking shots of pigeons in flight, this is truly the ultimate collectible for any pigeon fan.

ISBN 1888617128

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11” x 17”
Inspired by England’s wartime strength and Royal pigeon loft.
In honor of his work with the Royal Loft and the history of British Royal pigeons in WW2, Jim Jenner chose this design element for the packaging and souvenir poster of his film "The Queen's Wings".

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Paccom Films producer Jim Jenner presents his award winning pigeon documentaries and how to dvds & videos about pigeon racing, how to raise and train homing pigeons, breeding and keeping roller pigeons & how to design champion worthy pigeon lofts. Films include the award winning Secrets of Champions series (Secrets of Champions I: The Foundation of Victory, Secrets of Champions II: Breeding, Feeding & Old Bird Racing, Secrets of Champions III: Young Bird Racing, Secrets of Champions IV: Winning Lofts, the Inside Stories and Secrets of Champions V: Tips, Tricks & New Methods), Share the Blue Sky, World of Pigeons and many money saving pigeon documentary combination offers.