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THE FEATHERHOOD Audio Book & Young Wings DVD Combo - racing pigeon care keeping films

THE FEATHERHOOD Audio Book & Young Wings DVD Combo

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The Featherhood Audio Book
14 hours on 11 CDs in a Box Set
“What Happened to the Most Valuable Bird in the World?”
A billionaire’s bird is missing and no one’s claimed the huge reward.
The greatest racing pigeon in history, worth over half a million dollars, vanished into thin air.
If he’s alive out there, his captors aren’t talking.

From the hidden but high-stakes world of pigeon racing comes the inside story of what really happened to “The Black Deuce”, Belgium’s legendary winner of Europe’s greatest race, Barcelona. In the 1990’s, flying faster than 47,000 pedigreed homing pigeons, he won this 600+ mile event twice, a feat never before equaled. Adding tenfold to his value, his proven ability to sire champions.

Then, tragedy. Imported to America, he was frightened from his new home. More than 5,000 miles from Belgium, returning there was suicide. But he tried, only to be ripped from the sky by a pair of deadly falcons. Lost, alone and only minutes from death, fate brought a young boy into his life.

Jim Jenner’s fascinating and heartwarming story reveals how “The Black Deuce”, a bird worth twenty time his weight in gold, fell into the lives of inner-city children with no idea of his value. But, more than money, his true worth lay in the transformative effect pigeons often have on their human keepers. This ancient, and life-changing transformation forms a bond they call “The Featherhood”.

Young Wings
The power of pigeons to change people’s lives.

Jim’s highly acclaimed documentary shows the remarkable emotional and academic benefits domestic pigeons bring to modern society, and how they can solve the epidemic of what’s called “Nature Deficit Disorder. Filmed in the United States and Europe, no fancier who wants to explain or promote the positive power of pigeon keeping can be without this film.

In societies desperate to reconnect children with nature, award-winning filmmaker Jim Jenner documents how pigeons can influence a generation. Filmed in the USA and Europe, this film shows the ancient and profound power of mankind's oldest feathered friend.

Whether it's a school in the heart of Mississippi, the wilds of Montana, a youth prison in Europe or the gritty inner-city of South Central Los Angeles, Jenner shows how the “bird of peace” uniquely connects with today’s youth.
And he wonderfully articulates why a generation ago children did not suffer from what is now termed “Nature Deficit Disorder”.
It’s a story you will long remember.

Run time: 28 min

ISBN 978-1-888617-38-2

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