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The Pigeon in the Wider World - racing pigeon care keeping films

The Pigeon in the Wider World

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Dr. Jean Hansell's latest volume, published in her 90th year, provides a global overview of the deep human connection with a bird now held in contempt by much of the western world. This paperback editions of the book was released only in North America, so ordering is only available in the US or Canada.
"The Pigeon in the Wider World" delves into the pigeon/human connection in the Near East, Egypt, the Mediterranean, India, China and along the Silk Road. In documenting how profound the pigeon's relations with human beings have been, Jean Hansell is marshaling the facts of history to make the modern world regain respect for Columba Livia. This 96-page book is filled with photographs illustrating the rich history of the bird. "The Pigeon in the Wider World" is a must read for any pigeon fancier, and a great jumping off point to start your own Rock Dove research. Dr. Hansell has done as much as anyone to reclaim the lost history of man's oldest feathered friend.
Dr. Jean Hansell's rise to become a leading authority on the Rock Dove [Columba Livia] and its domestic descendants can only be called a happy accident. As the daughter of one of Scotland's earliest women physicians, Jean Hansell also pursued a career in medicine. It wasn't until she and her husband moved to Bath and began researching forgotten relics that she became fascinated with the many large, windowless stone and brick structures they encountered. Learning these were abandoned dovecotes which once housed hundreds, even thousands of breeding pairs of pigeons during the Middle Ages, Jean was struck by how little information there was on what was obviously a significant part of early European culture.
Dr. Hansell's research on the buildings, then the bird itself, led her on a fascinating journey into a medieval world where Roman conquerors introduced dovecotes and fish ponds as vital sources of fresh meat. Disappointed that many respected medieval histories ignored the vital role of pigeons in medieval towns, she decided to set the record straight. With her husband, Peter Hansell's, photos and Jean's scholarship, the Hansells published their first book "Doves & Dovecotes" in 1988. It is considered a classic work not only on the buildings and husbandry that produced pigeons as a food source but also as a vital messenger and ancient icon. She went on to produce several more books, including "The Pigeon in History."
Chapter Titles:
  • Foreword by Andrew D. Blechman,
    Author of "Pigeons: The Fascinating Saga of the World's Most Revered and Reviled Bird"
  • Prologue
  • The Early History of the Pigeon in the Near East
  • The Pigeon in Egypt
  • The Pigeon in Early Greece and Italy
  • The Pigeon in the Muslim World
  • The Pigeon in India
  • The Pigeon in China
  • The Pigeon along the Silk Road
  • The Pigeon as Messenger
96 Pages, North America Orders Only
ISBN: 978-1-888617-40-5

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