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Secrets of Champions III - Reviews

“Secrets of Champions III”: They Just Get Better! December 3, 2013
Reviewer: Mike Lakin - British Homing World  

A couple of years ago Frank Tasker introduced me to Jim Jenner, the American film maker. I ended up with a copy of the first in his “Secrets of Champions” series and I promised to do a DVD review.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film as it was 100% informative and totally non-commercial, with no plugs to sell pigeons, just good plain common sense which sometimes is not so common! How many DVDs or videos can say the same? Not many in my opinion. Usually there is a list of race results with the subject’s phone number or email for interested parties.

The Champions series is pure, unadulterated pigeon knowledge. The first three works add up to over seven hours of pigeon pleasure, which is invaluable to both the novice and the old hand alike. 

Jim selected an excellent team of experts who outline many little pieces of pigeon lore. They do not agree on everything, which is refreshing and proves that they speak without a directed script, but on many of the aspects covered they tend to sing from a single hymn sheet, which should really be no big surprise. 

For my money, ‘Champions III’ is the “Cream of the Crop” or “The Jewel in Jenner’s Crown”. Call it what you may. I openly defy anyone to watch and digest ‘Champions III’ and say that they “learned nothing.” I simply would not believe them. 

A complete novice having viewed this latest piece could, by careful study and by following the advice offered with a few personal minor adaptations, compete with even the most “battle hardened” veteran pigeon fancier. The panel assembled by Jim Jenner have laid bare just about everything needed to race with your pigeons at the very highest of levels.

Darkness, motivation, feeding from the egg to the last race are all covered in great depth and detail. Frank Tasker shows as couple of his young birds shortly after weaning and spans the wing and there is not the slightest sign of a fret or even a crease mark on the birds flights, something which was considered impossible a few years ago. Today, with improvements in feeding and loft design it is no longer a problem. So if you wish to compete with the “cracks” follow this DVD. I am sure that it will not disappoint.

In ‘Champs III’ Jim introduces us to several of his American friends and I must admit that I thought there was very little I could learn from these guys. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We can learn plenty, as their trapping system is par excellence. So if you get “Secrets III”, take special notice of “The Finish Line”. There is plenty to learn from our friends over the Atlantic. Finally, Jim Jenner and his “stars” deserve great credit for their willingness to share with us all their vast knowledge on the subject of pigeon racing. They do the fancy a very great service by sharing with the viewer their thoughts on the various topics discussed so thoroughly.

I know that I should not pick out favorites but Ad Schaerlackens is a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge mirrored by his writings and I would love to visit Paul Halterman, a little man in stature but a giant in pigeon circles. I still smile at the sight of his displeasure with arms held aloft when asked if he used the darkness system, “No! No! Never! Never! I don’t like it!” Paul was an out and out old bird fancier but I believe that there is food for thought in what he says on the subject. Perhaps we can learn from him. 

Talking about learning, there is much to learn from the final chapter about pigeons in an American school taken from “Share the Blue Sky” which is without any question or doubt the finest documentary ever made on pigeon racing produced by Jim a few years ago. This story had me shedding a tear or two with pride to know that the pigeon could get where humans could not into the hearts of young tearaways.

Jim, for me you are the finest ambassador for the sport of pigeon racing. You thoughts and works are brilliant and I can’t wait for Champion IV, which actually get better in later episodes.

So keep taking the planes, trains and please look after Jane because she sure looks after you.

Mike Lakin

CHAMPIONS IV December 2, 2009
Beautiful film, very interesting!!


champ# 3 January 28, 2009
Reviewer: john doise from stoney creek, ON Canada  

very good

I Have All Three of the Secrets Series January 20, 2008
Reviewer: Rod Frazier from Portland, OR  

"I have all three of the Secrets of Champion Series.   They are all TOP Quality. If a pigeon person does not glean something valuable from these they must have been sleeping through it! I know another flyer in our combine that used some of the tips from Champions II, and he moved from a so-so flyer to winning 3 or 4 combine races. Now I hope it is my turn to win!"

Rod Frazier – Portland, Or.


Nothing Short of an Education January 20, 2008
Reviewer: Stuart Wilcox  

"I spent the last few evenings watching the Secrets of the Champion 3 and it has been nothing short of an education. Never before have I seen so many honest and straight forward answers to many leading questions on one video, it was also interesting to see that not all of these great champions agreed with each other. The key success of the video is the diversity of the fanciers interviewed, different systems and goals from different countries even continents.

If you want to reach the very top of Young Bird racing then this video is a must".

Stuart Wilcox

West of England YB Champion 2007