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World of Pigeons - Reviews

Marathon in the Sky

"Absolutely spellbinding. I can't say enough about this documentary. It's wonderful! Buy it."

The Thoroughbred

"Enjoyed MARATHON immensely. The video is produced to an extremely high standard in all respects."
Gareth Watkins
Racing Pigeon Gazette

"A most professional video that I would recommend to all ..."

British Homing World

"A video which is streets ahead in professional quality to anything that I have seen in pigeon videos. It is a celebration of the whole skill and art and fascination of the mysterious craft of pigeon racing. MARATHON covers every aspect of the sport with detail that is faxcinating. The photography stands out supreme. Skillful use of slow motion shots show pigeons in flight as most will never have seen them. You could take this films into any club or school and be sure to leave everyone with a better understanding of our hobby."
Dr. Tim Lovell
The Racing Pigeon

"The quality that impressed me was the professional filming of the entire production, and, in particular, the shots of pigeons during the flight and the slow-motion pictures of birds emerging from the transporter. The film explains some of the mystique of pigeon racing in a manner comparable to many wildlife productions, and even as a fancier, I found the total production stimulating and absorbing. MARATHON successfully captures the thrill and pleasure that we all derive from our sport. It illustrates the difference between the professional breeding stud and the fanciers at grass roots, who often obtain stock from friends at little or no cost. Additionally, it portrays the sport of pigeon racing as an activity for the whole of the family. The film is ideal material for encouraging new starters and explaining the sport to other memebers of the family. In all, a most professional video that I would recommend to all fanciers who are interested in promoting the sport and recruiting others to our hobby."

David Glover
British Homing World

"The standard of photography is without doubt the best, especially the close-up shots of the birds. The aerial views are very cleverly done. The explanation of the breeding and rearing program is done so well and in a way that will be both educational and interesting to anyone, either non-fancier or new starter. I fact, I feel the video is invaluable to the new starter. I enjoyed the section on the history and use in wartime of the pigeon. The good thing about this part was it was just enough and not overdone. The skeleton and explanation are enlightening due to the simple explanation. I am pleased that though many top fanciers and breeding stations are shown one doe3s not feel it is aimed at swaying any special breed to be bought. The video gives insight into the differing types of clocks, basketing, etc. and the way that age does not matter and though many fanciers have money the sport can still be enjoyed at all levels. I congratulate all who have been responsible for the making of MARATHON IN THE SKY - each time I have watched it I have found something new to enjoy."
Molly Holt
"Red Hen"

British Homing World

"I very much enjoyed the video, MARATHON IN THE SKY ... wonderful sequences … the film conveys the excitement and mystery of pigeon racing.
Charles Walcott
Executive Director [ret.]
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Ithaca, NY. USA

Extraordinary! October 15, 2008
Reviewer: Kimberly & Shane from Tampa, FL  
Dear Mr. Jenner,    

                   My husband ordered the movies "The World Of Pigeons" and "Share The Blue Skies" for my birthday and I can't begin to find the words that would explain how extraordinary the movies are! I have long been a lover of pigeons, but have not really owned any pigeons since I was a young teenager. The movies made all those deeply hidden feelings come back to the surface again. I have always felt a very indescribable feeling when it comes to pigeons. It's like an addiction, once you get to know pigeons you can never be without them. I felt as if I was weird and the only one who felt this way, but after seeing these movies, I realized that I was not alone in the way I felt. "It's the magic of the pigeons themselves!!"  I learned more about these "Angels of the Skies" and the wonderful things they have done, than I ever could have realized. I cried a whole lot too. The footage was breathtaking, the stories heart moving, thought provoking and inspiring. The racing scenes are heart pounding, action packed and full of suspense as you await the return of the pigeons (as if you owned them yourself!!). The movies even helped my husband, who once never gave these birds any thought, to now understanding what I have been talking about for a long time and he now too is a pigeon lover!! We have never enjoyed ANY movie more!!

                     Jim Jenner's movies would make an extraordinary gift to any pigeon enthusiast, animal lover or to any person on your gift list who you think has it all. I'm positive it will make some new pigeon lovers out of some of you and make for wonderful discussions. It will really open your eyes to a world right outside your door that you never even knew was there! I even feel that the movies would do great in schools. I sure wish it had been a project in my school, as I know first hand how pigeons have helped me and how they could have helped others. The movies and pigeons themselves would make an excellent tool in teaching kids social and life issues, and as a result helping kids improve their learning abilities.


                                    Kimberly & Shane
                                       (Tampa, FL.)


Renewed my interest in Racing Homers. February 28, 2010
Reviewer: Mike Walsh from Winter Harbor, ME United States  
I loved these two films, as the subject lines states, They renewed my interest in Racing Homers.  I remember the joy I had with my dad.  I can only hope to bring the same joy to my grandson now.  Thanks