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About PACCOM Films

Award Winning Visual Communications Since 1976

     Pacific Communications, Inc. [PACCOM] was founded in 1976 by Jim Jenner, a former newspaper writer and CBS News producer.  The company's early television production clients included major corporate clients such as Microsoft, Olympia Beer, Peter Kiewit and others. The firm eventually concentrated on the production and sale of television commercials on networks such as ESPN, CNN, USA, TNT and other leading cable programmers. By the late 80's the firm was the largest volume producer of commercials in the cable television industry, creating over 2,500 television commercials per year. PACCOM won numerous national and international awards, including a Clio, for its production excellence. The firm was the all-time highest total award winner during the first decade of the Cable Advertising Bureau's national awards competition. 
     By the 1990's PACCOM had a staff of sixty and six offices throughout the Pacific Northwest. In 1993 the advertising production and sales divisions were sold to Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI), then the world's largest cable provider and what is now Comcast Cable. 
     During the time he ran the advertising operation Jim used his spare time to create a documentary on his childhood hobby, pigeon racing. Released in 1990 his "Marathon In the Sky", narrated by the late Michael Landon was an instant international success.
     Following the sale of the advertising division in 1993 Jim continued to produce documentaries, teaming up with former PACCOM employee John Paget to create an award-winning series on historic U.S. Highway Route 66 as well as best-selling instructional videos including "Piano for Quitters" and "Baby Massage". He continued to create documentaries on pigeons including "Oldest Feathered Friend" in 1996 and in 2001 was invited by Beijing Television to create a twenty part series on pigeons titled "Share the Blue Sky." In 2002 he and Paget also created a documentary on Olympia, Washington's capitol city called "Go With The Flow". 
     In 2003 Jenner moved the company to Philipsburg, Montana, a small historic mining town in the Rocky Mountains. From this new base he continued to produce films, including the popular pigeon series "Secrets of Champions".
     From 2005 through 2008 Secrets of Champions episodes One thru Four were created. In 2009 Jim created three new titles, "Dark & Light", "Schaerlaeckens" and "Best of British II".   Secrets 5, a double-dvd effort of more than four hours, was released in November 2010.
     "Secrets of Champions 6" was created in the summer of 2011 and included visits to pigeon trainers in Germany, French-speaking Belgium, Southern Ireland and Wales. Its release brought to almost 20 hours the total of finished material that comprised this instructional series. 
     In May of 2012 Jim was approached by the Midland National Flying Club, one of England's largest pigeon racing fraternities, to create a documentary on the special race honoring Queen Elizabeth's 60th year as Queen. The resulting documentary "The Queen's Wings" proved to be popular world-wide and reminded the pigeon fancy of Jenner's roots as a documentary story teller.
     In 2012 the International Federation of American Homing Pigeon Fanciers [IF], the oldest pigeon racing organization in the world, honored Jim as their "Man of the Year". In describing their reasoning the organization's magazine said "No one alive today has done more to further the benefits of pigeon keeping than Jim Jenner." 
     In 2013 Jenner released two compilations of chapters taken from the Secrets of Champions series. One is on “Feeding” and the other on “Motivation” of racing pigeons.
Jenner completed “Young Wings” in 2014.  It is a documentary on the power of pigeons in children’s lives.  He then published his first novel, “The Featherhood”, which chronicles the story of several inner-city youths in Tacoma, WA who save the life of an injured imported racing pigeon.
     In 2015 Jim completed a narrated audio book of his novel and a line of apparel featuring “The Featherhood” theme. 
     In 2016 travelled throughout the Pacific Northwest visiting libraries and Rotary Clubs to discuss his films and novel.  He has also completed construction of a new video studio in Philipsburg which will allow him to create online video work on pigeons and other topics.  
     In the summer of 2016 Jim spent three weeks visiting the legendary Gulfcoast Homing Club in Spring Hill, Florida to document the people and pigeons who form the most competitive club in the America's.  This story was told in "Secrets of Champions VII: Life in the Fast Lane" released in December.
     In early 2017 Jim and his video editor Jordan Lefler began several major, non-pigeon related projects.  These included a documentary on the rebirth of Jim's new hometown, Philipsburg, MT. as part of the town's 150th anniversary.  This film, titled "Saving the Burg" took two years to complete and first aired on PBS in Montana in April of 2019. 
     The film proved extremely popular and was aired repeatedly on PBS and as a pledge week special in December of 2019.  It went on to win an international film festival award for "Best Civic Story" in the United Nations 2020 Better Cities Film Festival held in Dubai.
     Throughout the years of making documentaries Jim has continued to created videos for events and corporations, including a one hour documentary on the 50th Anniversary of Summit Beverage, Montana's largest beer and wine distributor which will premier in Spring of 2020.