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PACCOM FILMS producer Jim Jenner presents his award winning pigeon documentaries and how-to DVD's & videos about pigeon racing, how to raise and train homing pigeons, breeding pigeons & how to design champion worthy pigeon lofts.

Films on DVD include the award-winning Secrets of Champions series (Secrets of Champions I: The Foundation of Victory, Secrets of Champions II: Breeding, Feeding & Old Bird Racing, Secrets of Champions III: Young Bird Racing, Secrets of Champions IV: Winning Lofts, the Inside Stories, Secrets of Champions V: Tips, Tricks & New Methods, Secrets of Champions VI: To Boldly Go, Secrets of Champions VII: Life in the Fast Lane, also Share the Blue Sky, Best of British II, Schaerlaeckens, The Dark & The Light, World of Pigeons, Young Wings, The Queens Wings and many money saving pigeon documentary combination offers.