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Best Of British II Racing Pigeon DVD - racing pigeon care keeping films

Best Of British II Racing Pigeon DVD



In the mid-80's Britain's Geoff Kirkland and Frank Tasker were the men to beat in long distance and middle distance old bird pigeon racing. Week after week their pigeons and methods had them at the top of the pigeon racing result sheet. What most pigeon fanciers didn’t realize was that Geoff Kirkland and Frank Tasker had been quietly perfecting methods they’d gleaned from the top widowhood fliers in Belgium and Holland. These secrets, combined with pigeons they were also bringing back from the continent, were helping them score countless wins against tough competition. Their management methods were relatively unknown until they helped create a film called "The Best of British". Released in the very early days of VHS home video, the film was an instant hit and opened the eyes of thousands of pigeon trainers, worldwide, to the widowhood system and it's benefits. Now, almost 25 years later, Geoff Kirkland and Frank Tasker are still feared competitors. But, true champions, they never rest on their laurels. Each season they’ve looked for new ways to improve their management of a top racing team. This new film is packed with point-by-point discussions of their methods of feeding and managing a widowhood team. It also takes you into new areas of pigeon management, especially on the subject of winning races with widowhood hens. Fantastic pigeon fanciers and old friends, Geoff Kirkland and Frank Tasker spend almost two hours covering their current thinking on pigeon management. They share a laugh or two about days together and the road they took to the top of the pigeon sport.

Run time: 1 hr 55 min
ISBN 1888617314

Chapters Include:
1. Jim Jenner's Opening
2. Looking Back
3. Geoff Kirkland in the Loft
4. Frank Tasker's Widowhood Loft
5. Geoff Kirkland on the Basics
6. Frank Tasker on Feed and Tea
7. Rise of the Hens - Geoff Kirkland
8. Widowhood Hens - Frank Tasker
9. The Advantages of Friendship
10. Close and Credits

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