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Young Wings - racing pigeon care keeping films

Young Wings


The power of pigeons to change people’s lives.

Jim’s highly acclaimed documentary shows the remarkable emotional and academic benefits domestic pigeons bring to modern society, and how they can solve the epidemic of what’s called “Nature Deficit Disorder. Filmed in the United States and Europe, no fancier who wants to explain or promote the positive power of pigeon keeping can be without this film.

In societies desperate to reconnect children with nature, award-winning filmmaker Jim Jenner documents how pigeons can influence a generation. Filmed in the USA and Europe, this film shows the ancient and profound power of mankind's oldest feathered friend.

Whether it's a school in the heart of Mississippi, the wilds of Montana, a youth prison in Europe or the gritty inner-city of South Central Los Angeles, Jenner shows how the “bird of peace” uniquely connects with today’s youth.
And he wonderfully articulates why a generation ago children did not suffer from what is now termed “Nature Deficit Disorder”.

It’s a story you will long remember.

Run time: 28 min

ISBN 978-1-888617-38-2

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