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Pigeon Racing FEEDING – Best of "Secrets of Champions" - PACCOM FILMS

FEEDING – Best of "Secrets of Champions" Racing Pigeon DVD

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A selection of the best chapters on FEEDING taken from the award-winning "Secrets of Champions" DVD series.

Chapters Include:
  • "Fuel"  How feed mixtures, grain choices and quantities have changed today.
  • "True Grit"  The most overlooked element in the loft.
  • "The Right Start"  Weaning and the critical transition from breeding grains to YB mixtures.
  • "Fat Thursday"  New thinking on how to use carbs & fats.
  • "Omega Man"  The secret to using exactly the right types of grain and specific fats and load levels.
  • "Give Peas a Chance"  The surprising resurgence of peas and beans in long distance lofts.

& More !

These Champions appear in this film:

  • Geoff Cooper---------------England
  • Dennis Ford-----------------Wales
  • Gregg Brothers ------------N. Ireland
  • Paul Haelterman -----------Belgium
  • Geoff Kirkland--------------England
  • Mikey Lennon---------------England
  • Stefan Mertens-------------Belgium
  • Eddy Noel------------------Belgium
  • Ad Schaerlaeckens---------Holland
  • Ray Strawbridge -----------Wales
  • Chris Sutton ---------------England
  • Frank Tasker---------------England
  • Dr. J. Van der Cruyssen-----Belgium
  • Dirk Van den Driessche-----Belgium
  • Freddy Vandenheede-------Belgium

Run time: 1 hour 29 min

ISBN 978-1888617-42-9

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