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Share the Blue Sky - racing pigeon care keeping films

Share the Blue Sky



Award-winning Writer/Director Jim Jenner takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of the pigeons and doves. "Share the Blue Sky" is the longest, most comprehensive documentary ever made on this family of birds, long recognized as mankind's oldest feathered friend. Filmed on five continents and in 19 countries this exciting series contains over five hours of material on three DVD's. The twenty chapters in this complete collection include stories on all types of pigeons, from performing and racing birds to birds bred for show. You'll also meet some of history's most famous pigeon-lovers in Europe, North America and China. It's a wonderful saga of how one bird has come to symbolize human beings wish for peace and their love for this gentle creature.

3 DVD Set - Run time: over 5 hours

ISBN 1888617217


Disc One:
Bird of Peace:
In our moments of sorrow, in our moments of joy, there is a flying creature we call upon to lift our spirits. The story of the Rock Dove, ancient symbol of peace and love; from vital messenger to tragic modern enemy.
The Pyramid:
A pigeon museum in Germany shows a pyramid of pigeons. How an ancient wild species became more than a thousand domestic breeds.
Marathon In The Sky:
In athletics there is no creature on earth that competes in greater numbers, or displays more physical stamina on the race course, than modern racing pigeons.
Pigeons Go To School:
Visit a small rural high school in a remote corner of America where homing pigeons demonstrate their ancient power to touch the hearts, and change the lives, of troubled teens.
Special Delivery:
From carrying cameras, to film and vital messages, no other flying creature has ever matched the service of homing pigeons to mankind. The Performers. Like a waterfall in the sky, pigeons that roll and tumble in flight have delighted humans for centuries. Today they are part of a global competition to find the best performing flock.
House of Champions:
In a tiny Belgian village a single family developed a strain of racing pigeons with a bloodline so strong it brought fame, and fortune to its creators.

Disc Two:
Sky Music:
Harnessing the power of pigeons in flight, ancient Chinese craftsmen built tiny musical instruments to create a symphony in the sky.
Pigeon Town:
The United States has fewer pigeon fanciers than many nations. But what it lacks in numbers it makes up for in races with million dollar purses and a tiny retirement town with some of the hottest competition in the world.
The Golden Wing:
In the global pigeon racing sport no competition can match the greatest long distance contest in the world ...Barcelona … where 25,000 birds race home over 600 miles to Northern Europe.
Queen of the Sky:
She’s the richest woman in the world but her hobbies include a favorite of the working class. The story of the Queen of England, third generation pigeon racer and able competitor in England’s skies.
Lady of Peace:
Often called the “Mother of China”, Soong Ching Ling weathered the cruel winds of history to become a twentieth century legend. She loved two things most, children and her flock of pigeons.
Birds of War:
Since before recorded history the gentle rock dove and its magical homing ability made it destined to serve on almost every battlefield. Not as a combatant but as a carrier of vital military messages.
White Rock Dove:
Since ancient times the release of a white dove has been symbolic to humans. Now the ceremony is part of a fast growing global business as part of weddings, funerals and other public events.
Disc 3:

Love Birds:
While many people love pigeons, sometimes the birds themselves are what brings people together and lead to love of another kind.
Charming Eyes:
From impoverished beginnings Mei Lan Fang rose to become China’s most beloved performer, a rise he credited in part to his love for pigeons.
City Bird:
From ancient symbol of worship to an enemy in the city, no animal has ever from a position of pride to that of a pest as the pigeon. However, in Switzerland, there is a ray of hope to solve this sad decline.
The Opening:
After years of being closed to the outside world Mainland China began to open its doors. One of the first men through was a pigeon man from Taiwan who found friends and fortune in his ancestral land.
Give My Heart Wings:
Modern technology has improved our lives in countless way. But the disconnection of young people from nature, and particularly from pigeons, has left a hole in the hearts of a generation.
One Bird One Wish:
The story of the making of “Share The Blue Sky”. Director Jim Jenner and Producer Tony Wang share the challenges and triumphs of creating the most comprehensive film on pigeons ever made.




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