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The World of Pigeons - racing pigeon care keeping films

The World of Pigeons


This special collector's edition DVD is a great program for the pigeon enthusiast. Includes the classic pigeon racing documentary MARATHON IN THE SKY: The Story of Pigeon Racing and the award-winning OLDEST FEATHERED FRIEND: Rediscovering The Ancient Friendship Between People and Pigeons. 

MARATHON IN THE SKY:Critic’s choice as the finest film ever made on pigeons. Marathon In the Sky is a thrilling documentary on the evolution of homing pigeons from vital military messengers to today’s thoroughbred racers. Filmed throughout Europe and North America with stunning aerial photography. Narrated by Michael Landon.

Run time: 57 min


OLDEST FEATHERED FRIEND:Our gold medal award winner on the world of pigeons. Oldest Feathered Friend documents the many areas in which pigeons have affected human history. It includes eleven chapters that chronicle the evolution of the pigeon, and specifically the Rock Dove, as our oldest domesticated bird. With narration by Jimmy Smits.

Run time: 1 hr 50 min


Added special features include an interview with international award winning writer/director Jim Jenner, plus incredible aerial shots with never before seen footage of racing pigeons in flight. Over THREE HOURS of award-winning documentary material. A must for the pigeon fancier!

ISBN 1888617128

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